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School of First Aid and Safety Services

Bloodlink Foundation is offering First Aid training programs for increased safety necessary to deal with the unforeseen circumstances that come with health and safety risks. 

We provide training courses in full compliance with the prevailing workplace safety laws of the country as well as international standards in exercise of the powers conferred by section 55 of the Factories Act, 160/1977 and OSHA 2007 ACT as well as Ministry of Health to offer these trainings to corporates, churches, schools and individuals.We assure you quality and affordable services.

Blood Donation Program

Many Kenyans are unfamiliar with the blood donation process and are not sensitized on the dire need of blood in the country, we therefore offer the following:

Health talks

Health talks are carried out prior to blood donation drives if the company work schedule allows. The health talks are organized within the organizations premises. The aim of the health talks is to:

  1. Encourage potential blood donors to donate blood.
  2. Address concerns and fears related to blood donation.
  3. Assure donors about confidentiality of donor information.
  4. Give the criteria that a potential donor has to meet in order to participate in blood donation.

Bloodlink Foundation has been conducting education seminars for university students and representatives of various corporate organizations aimed at dispelling the fears associated with blood donation and education on the accruing benefits both to the donor and society at large. The corporate organizations are at the same time encouraged to incorporate blood donation into their CSR activities. Blood donation is probably the only CSR activity that requires no budgetary commitment from these organizations. In the long term BLF hopes to recruit a sufficient number of organizations to ensure an adequate supply of safe blood for our hospitals at all times especially given that the shelf life of blood is only 30 days thus the need for regular donors. The target organizations will be based in Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Nakuru and Kisumu.

Blood Donation Drives:

  • We organize for blood donation events within corporates and universities during which we make arrangements for the tents, beds, donor replacement fluids and snacks. The organization of the blood donation exercise is totally free. We also hold community blood drives.

Bloodlink Foundation is also involved in mobilization of corporates for resources for blood safety donation. Please note that the organization of the blood donation exercise is totally free .We make arrangements for the tents, beds, donor replacement fluids and snacks.

Bloodlink Foundation is a non- profit organization which relies totally on donor funding for the actualization of its activities. Corporate organizations are therefore welcome to contribute resources in terms of donor incentives if they are able to. Donor incentives could be in the form of T-shirts, wrist bands, badges, caps, etc which motivate potential donors to donate.

Corporates are also able to sponsor community blood drives and fund media campaigns which help alleviate stigma associated with blood donation and transfusion. Examples of corporates that have been able to participate successfully include Safaricom Ltd, GlaxoSmithKline, National Hospital Insurance Fund, Brand Kenya EAST Fm, KISS 100, among others.

Organizations that would like to support/partner in this cause could be involved in any of the following ways:

  • Provide resources towards implementation of the blood donation camps (cash or in-kind).
  • Mobilize employees as donors.
  • Employees volunteer time.

The benefits accrued by the sponsoring/supporting organizations include:

  • Involvement in long term visible corporate social responsibility activity
  • Opportunity to contribute towards alleviating perennial blood shortages.
  • Association with Bloodlink Foundation a credible non - profit organization, corporate giant Safaricom and USAID amongst others.
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