Why get involved in donation (What you can Do)

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These are the benefits accrued by members of staff or students by incorporating the blood donor program into their activities and participating in regular blood donation.

  1. The blood drive set–up is convenient for the working environment, since it’s conducted at your premises, allows for staff productivity and is cost free.
  2. Bloodlink ensures that any employee in need of blood can access it from any Blood Transfusion Center anywhere in the country at any time, free of charge.
  3. Apart from organizing for the blood donation drives, we have educational forums for organizations, where we visit for a brief session to address issues surrounding blood donation.
  4. The Blood Donor Program provides a chance for your organization to share in this worthy cause of saving lives through voluntary blood donation and help promote the culture of benevolence and volunteerism.
  5. Bloodlink Foundation in partnership with National Blood Transfusion Services ensures proper donor care and provides for the fluid replacement to the donors.
  6. After donation, the results of the screening process are kept confidential and can only be released only to the donor upon request.
  7. The donor cards, which indicate donor’s blood group, are delivered at your organization. Knowing one’s blood group saves time in case of an emergency situation, as grouping takes up some time.
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