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Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services (KNBTS)
In view of the need to have sufficient blood reserves in our blood banks at all times, Bloodlink Foundation has partnered with the National Blood Transfusion Service in recruitment and mobilization of blood donors to ensure sufficient safe blood for needy Kenyans.

Bloodlink Foundation is in Partnership with MHealth Text For Life system which is an intervention employed to enhance blood donor communication and digitize the blood donor records. It is projected to increase the number of blood units collected by recruiting new donors using mobile phone and web based platform.

Rockefeller Foundation
Bloodlink Foundation was funded by Rockefeller Foundation to facilitate the first phase running a blood donor notification SMS based system. The system keeps track of the donors from the initial time of making the first blood donation to the consequent donations thereafter. https://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/our-work/grants/bloodlink-foundation/

Centers For Disease Control Foundation
CDC Foundation funded the second phase of the SMS based donor notification system. This funding ensured continuity of the project and help streamline notification of blood donors whereas help in information dissemination.

Safaricom Ltd
BLF partnered with Safaricom through the "Safaricom Blood for life Drive," Campaign. This campaign increased the number of units of blood collected during the months of April, August and December when high schools are closed by bringing on board adult donors through awareness creation and education.

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